What you should know About us.

We are a team formed by different countries, together we bring experiences from Brazil, Colombia and the United States. Different schools, the same purpose: taking care of your pet's health on the outside, which also has a positive impact on the inside. We respect the owner’s will, but we also observe the animal’s need at that time.

CAGE - FREEI Your pet takes advantage of a space full of love, with many toys and beds, bringing the greatest possible comfort to him. Each house has its own pot of water, toys and 2 to 3 beds. We offer grooming, bathing and day care. All animals are free, having fun and relaxing before and after activities.

Say hello to our Wewoof Grooming

For the unconditional love our pets offer, their health should be our No. 1 priority. We have a range of defenders that keep them safe from parasites, strengthening supplements which take care of their bones and immunity, organic products that are 100% natural, tearless and alcohol-free and herbal products that are paraben-free and eco-friendly.

Still need convincing?

Your pets trust you blindly because they know you will only choose what’s best for them. That goofy face welcoming you at the door, that late-night cuddle and those puppy-eyes make your days and years full of laughter and happiness. We always have your back when it comes to curating new products that give your pets 100% lifestyle benefits. Feel free to call us if you have any doubts. We are right here! We guarantee that your paws are in safe hands.

Fresh Pet Food is just a call away!

Food sets the mood for your pets too! The heavenly aroma of fresh, wet food is sure to tickle the taste buds of your furry companions! We have yummy & nutritious recipes in veg and non-veg to keep your furry babies tummies totally satisfied from AM to PM.