Our Services

Woof Bath

Duration varies  $25-80
Price varies per breed
Woof Bath includes:

  • Warm bath
  • High quality shampoo and conditioner
  • Nails cut and grinded
  • Anal glands are expressed
  • Sanitary and face area cleaned Less
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Nails cut & grind

Duration varies $10-15
Nails cut and polished with the utmost care to avoid any contact with your pets claws little veins(called the quick), which can bleed if not cut properly.


Duration varies $55-120
Grooming price depends on dog’s breed. Styling done by professionals the way you want!
Grooming includes complete bathing service.



Duration varies $15 per 15 min
Untangle your pets fur for a nice fluffy look!

Day care

Duration varies $20 full day (over 5 hours) / $10 half day (5 hours or less)
Bring your dog to spend some quality time with us here at WE WOOF. Full or half day. This is a no cage environment full of toys and play time. All dogs are taken out to walk every 2 hours!